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Janet Ko, Native Teacher Manager, SPOL English Institute

“James is a competent . . . teacher.”
“Several of the students he helped prepare went on to win awards.”
“He was committed to our company and would take on any task.”

“He is an honest and open-minded person and will be a valuable team member.”

Mike Sartor, Former District/Operations Manager, Wellington Subway

“I have found him to be consistently pleasant and willing to be dedicated to [completing] all assigned projects.”
“In addition to his work ethic, James has helped develop and implement several programs that have been beneficial to our company.”
“James’s work ethic, management and technical skills, and his ability to recognize the company’s vision make him a valuable asset to our team.”

Joanna K. Chung, Former Curriculum Director, Lee Hye Yeon English Academy

“He has always been a dedicated teacher and dependable employee.”
“No matter what task James was involved with, he always maintained a commitment to excellence.”
“James always completed all projects quickly, often before the deadline, while still maintaining a high level of quality.”
“James will quickly become an invaluable employee at your company.”

Jeffrey T. Linden, President, Wellington Subway

“He is honest, dependable and a person of excellent character.”
“James has a unique ability to grasp the scholarly concepts of management while still being able to work side-by-side with staff that are performing everyday tasks.”
“He is willing to learn and tackles all tasks with great enthusiasm.”

Betty Hanson, District Director of Training, Burger King

“He believes in going above and beyond the call of duty in his everyday work performance.”
“I have always been impressed with Mr. Hill’s work ethic and outstanding leadership abilities.”
“Due to his exceptional ability to manage training at his store, he was asked to give a presentation to all of the restaurant managers within the franchise on how to manage training.”

Jayne Laborie-Poff, Restaurant Manager, Burger King

“James exhibits [many] qualities that make him an excellent manager . . .”
“Due to these efforts by James, we are more thorough and organized when dealing with the administrative tasks that involve our crew. Many other stores in our franchise currently utilize the programs James set up.”
“James not only gives 110% at all times, but takes the initiative to complete any task no matter how large or small to assist in making our store operations better.”
“We feel confident that any company, group, or organization would find James to be a tremendous asset.  He is extremely resourceful with an abundance of energy to assist any organization with attaining their short and long term goals.”