Work Samples

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Textbook Chapter

I helped to create this sample chapter with another foreign teacher at the academy I worked for.  This sample chapter was created as a demonstration of how a curriculum could be designed to better prepare students for writing and speaking.

Teacher Training

I created a handbook to help train new teachers, which contained instructions on how to use the various textbooks at the academy and how to complete the various types of paperwork. This sample section explains how to fill out the attendance sheets.

Bread Baking Guide

Using formulas in Microsoft Excel, I created a spreadsheet that creates a baking schedule based on sales predictions entered by the manager.  This allowed the Subway franchise I worked for to more accurately schedule their bread baking.

New Hire Wizard

Using Microsoft Word Form Fields, Bookmarks, and References, I created a simple way to fill out new hire paperwork.  The hiring manager fills out the form on the first page, and the document automatically uses this data to fill in the forms on the following pages.  This allowed the Burger King franchise I worked at to more efficiently handle their new hire paperwork.